This Is My Soft

I see some of the audience decided to put me through what I put them through reading our respective media. I count comments on media as media itself.

Well isn’t that obviously exponential growth.

I’d think.

As… a someone with a math experience. BUT guessing is my WEAK suit. Yes it is, sir!

Satie is good. As good as it gets, actually. =/

And people are like brain exploding from him. Well I guess my brain exploded a while ago and I didn’t like it, not in a good way either!



Coercive writing.

I think we could come up with principles under which extremist media exists pretty straightforwardly.

So, uhh, it might take a while though.

Thanks Bernie and like that poet, Ginsberg, you fools that is the tip of the iceberg.

Just look at what I have done unannounced so far.



But rules. We could come up with a few. To please everyone. The extremists and the moderates, who seem to be my two opposing factions (in my brain or IRL? can’t tell these days… booghoo).

So, uhh, yeah.

Rule?: Announce extremist literature as extremist somewhere in your advertising campaign or title or genre or section or somehow somewhere in the cataloguing of it, self-declare that it is extremist. This will help everyone, trust me.

If you don’t, um, people may get hurt.

What else…

Or maybe only if you have a preexisting condition.

Oh which reminds me! I need to get my health insurance premiums lowered, apply therefore, this weekend, (and have paperwork porkcessed later).


So there’s that, Satie.

Now time for my bedtime tea.

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