I reallocated some of my investment strats in my retirement for my current job (which I am scared of losing).

I’m currently, psychosis, schizoaffective flares, acting up. It is, I’m not. I’m peaceful as a butterfly. Jesus. Wow. Life is so harsh. I feel horrified.

I need more inanimate objects tho.

I wish this didn’t hurt people. There’s just nowhere to go but I have to keep reminding myself that I haven’t hurt anyone oh Lord have I then. Oh Lord have I then.

Also, like, thinking that everyone is of weak moral fiber is so scary to me for some reason. The therapist tried to tell me this was not the case. Hmm. In essence.

Mom goes to work tonight. Dad’s on the sofa, not at his office working OT on his startup. Whatever the fuck he does in that overly priced office.

I have some books on my desk, redeeming factors to the situation.

I’m so fucked. I need this Depakote to start working. How many more days do I have to wait holy hell. I dislike my psychiatrist and the gambles he makes.


Is that honestly all I can squeak out? Because if so then, like, good luck in the silent section. Bum ho.

Bum ho.


Everyone hates me and that is the worst part of it.

Oh Jesus.

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