I don’t know what to do

Don’t really care about my stats unless they’re booming or at all not sure which. Like, can’t read them either way so who cares. Free information woo hoo! Wow no mattress. Um. Stopped by here to speed things up. But, don’t know, alone, wow that was a good note for once. I have to do […]

So a bloggist onece tolde meh to read 10x as much as your write (in blogosphere land). And that makes sense, if oyu want to get mainstream like she was. But I don’t, I want to be less popular than I am (I get too much attention, serious about that), so, like, I am going […]

Yes. It is. But what I mean, is… It’s just psychological thrills, everyone. I’m sorry to disappoint or announce the poverty of the situation. Ugh forgetting what I’m thinking all the time… I mean, I’m sorry. But we are NOT that connected. I am here to get rid of my stalkers. Real or not. Last […]

I’ve been reading Laura Foley. She’s pretty good. Also, lots of psychological pain. Saw my brothers at the park today, went with mom, whom I live with. They seemed well off enough. I worry immensely about them. Like, I’m in a state these days where a bad thing is around each corner and no one […]

I’m a little frenetic and on-edge right now but I think we’re all cool. I don’t know, the audience is still a little crimey-wimey with me but that’s cool that’s cool. Punctuation. So, Rosalind, the bioinformatics resource and competition, is launching again this year, I don’t know if they did last year or not, mmm […]