I don’t know what to do

Don’t really care about my stats unless they’re booming or at all not sure which. Like, can’t read them either way so who cares. Free information woo hoo! Wow no mattress.


Stopped by here to speed things up. But, don’t know, alone, wow that was a good note for once.

I have to do more of what I need and less of what other people think I want.

That is super fucked isn’t it.

Strange that it hit me so painfully so late.

Of course no one deserves it.

Gah I don’t even know how much crime my town has.

Where do you find statistics.


Twitch streamers being hell of subconsciously subliminally pushy to get you to pay them. Of course they want to have a good time. But they also hell of want your money. Like fucking coke. Wow. They’ll deny it, too. Of course they will.

But I’m saying all these formulaic patterned things too so who knows.


Rip an eyeball out sometime.




Business: Didn’t have any caffeine (except a little this morning) and I had melatonin and I still can’t sleep. Went for a walk around the park with the fam but I guess that’s not enough exercise.

If I were in better shape… the world burning it’s own ass to a crisp would look more artistic.

Summin like at.

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