Chores: Blog entry.

Couldn’t handle group therapy today. Dropped out for the second time in three weeks. Won’t go back.

Individual therapy is once a month. And I get to spam messages to him in writing online when I want. I have to be polite cuz he can call the cops on me. Sigh.

What else… Kaiser Permanente not-for-profit healthcare organization *cough*…


Life’s fun when you get serious about the jokes, tho, aintit?


No I mean, I’m trying out 1 mg risperdal PRN tonight. And I am STILL using too much klonopin than the prescription says. It says three tabs a week, I’m like at 5? =O


Wait hold up!! She just showed up!?

Weijia! Come back!

Just another high school crush. Hip/wist ratio optimized. Yum. 8-D

Well anyway…

That’s about it for things pressing in nature for now.

So it goes…

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