Oh my god i made it out of twitch a visit to the website damaged but not dead for once. next time i want no psychological damage. make yourselves completely not stalkers or whores or shithead dicksuckers. fuck you fuck you fuck you. shit fuck fuck fuck shit.

Step 1: Explain the situation Shit fuck fuck shit fuck shit shit shit shit fuck shit fuck fuck fuck shit fuck fuck. I’m dying of FAT OVERDOSE and WATER POISONING. HALP MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I’m exhausted. Wow. So much more exhausted than I normally am. I guess I must be dehydrated as it is hot hot hot! today. Fuck you I can misspell words if I want it’s not the end of the world. Same with grammar. Shitheads. Fuckoffs. Grbage sturcks. Shit fucks. Shit yourtselves. T shirts. Go home […]

Yelling on WordPress is so so peaceful compared fucking to knifing someone in a bar or train station. Just don’t instigate fights or stalking crime. So like if you can do that. Do it.

Everyone on Twitch is an evil bitch, including baby brother. I have no remorse saying this. Let’s not get into an argument because I’ma explain. You don’t want an explanation? Cool cool. Fuck you. But why you make it so hard? So what I mean is, They telepathically invade my psyche, And steal my mind. […]

Doing things gives me pain and for no reason and usually above the head in my mind but realistically these are all notes the doctor should be taking to describe the penomoenon scientifically to their care team so that the poroblem can be resolved by a team of specialists on the case of my individualized […]