I don’t want to get it but these people feel entitled to my brain. They are not entitled to my brain. You are not entitled to someone else’s organs. Whatever, eyes are auxiliary, I don’t know that that matters. I’m saying like mind. Like an image of you does not belong in my mind’s eye there where it does not belong. A sound of your voice does not belong creepily in my room when your media stream is off.

This creepy shit in my brain shouldn’t be there. It’s gross. Who put this media in me? Fuck, man.

I wish to be cleaner on the inside.


If that weren’t possible.

And fuck you all who did this to me.

I took my Depakote tonight. It just barely sustains me. I have labs tomorrow morning I have to get out of bed for.

I have been sleeping through work for the last four weeks. That’s a month. That’s a lot.

What the royal fuck.

I’m impressed with myself. This is starting to be hypocritical.


What the royal fuck.

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