I’m exhausted.

Wow. So much more exhausted than I normally am. I guess I must be dehydrated as it is hot hot hot! today.

Fuck you I can misspell words if I want it’s not the end of the world. Same with grammar. Shitheads. Fuckoffs.

Grbage sturcks.

Shit fucks.

Shit yourtselves.

T shirts.

Go home England.

Why you telling me how to write.


Dad’s home.

He’s going to psychically rape me for the rtest of the night now.

He’s fat and doesn’t exercise and used to eat a lot of sausage now he eats like I don’t know, coca cola.

Big belly.

Big round belly.


Short dude.

Not that short.

Wears a hat.

Electric mercedez. =). (They’re shitty cars with shitty range don’t buy one.)

Fck youself why can’t I be angry here why are you suppressin gme again

is this my medication?

Fuck you voice fuck you it’s a voice it’s not a pill it’s a voice fuck you

stop lying to me then suppressing me eighbors neighbors and halluicnations I’m not Japanese!

I give up it has to end

slice the wrist I do

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