I’m so trapped I have no one to talk to the schizoaffective disorder continues to destroy my life (more accurate than saying “is going to destroy” but also less correct for impulsive emotional reasons–which do count in a state of varjakBaby court of law).

Mom’s asleep how much does shee need for work? I want to talk to her.

I have no one to talk to.

I’m going to text brother complaining about my sza.


And I’m still trying to read this community entry on the JMP forums.

And I finished some training for work, officially this time.

And we have samples ready by next week which means real science, really, doing it, finally, after 3 weeks of sleeping 16 hours a day.


And emotionally abused by a black bitch in the government office of the healthcare department.

Thanks, government healthcare. Saving me the bills. By abusing me.

I guess that’s how America’s accountants understand math.

Through grammar school.

It all adds up.

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