Apparently there is a company called archer that is making vertical airplanes for like a few people that can fly around cities or wherever and replace cars. So like, the flying car is finally here.

That’s nice.

Also dad bought me a calculator I don’t need. It’s one of those expensive ones so he wasted some more of his precious money on something that is not needed, again. I guess I should keep it in its packaging in case he wants to waste some of his time returning it.

He’s not very smart.

Actors seem to sponsor good causes.

The world is so sad.

I am so well off and so mentally unstable still.

It’s amazing.

How poor Earth really is.


I have to wait until 9 for work.

It’s around 6, just after.

I don’t know what to do for 3 hours.

My liver enzymes indicate I have liver damage from being overmedicated by my psychiatrist.


Well that’s okay we’ll just bring me back down.

And hopefully my liver will recover.

I guess livers do that.

I don’t know what to do.

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