I don’t know what to do. It’s a trap. It’s always a trap. Yes, writing here looked innocent and harmless until I started. The cops don’t want me here anymore.

The cops don’t get it: They don’t have any power here.

Get used to it, fuckers.

Ready to blow my brains out? Beat me in the spine with a fucking stick? Blow my brains out with a gun? Step on my face and crush my skull?

Useless. Authority is the most useless invention of mankind.

And it will be obviated.

Good luck surviving in that world. Because it’s coming. And we’re moving on. Without you.


What else…

I’m bad at waiting. I should be reading or something but I’m whiny and spoiled and I don’t want to read.

I wonder what it would be like to be in a relationship. I wonder if there is anyone right for me. And why not polyamory? That’s not fair to restrict it. Maybe the relationship could be open.

But definitely the police do not belong here.

But if you are just gathering information, do as you will.

Please enjoy the view.

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