That I really don’t meet anyone I like on the internet. That is strange, isn’t it? There are so many characters, and such diversity thereof, and I like none of them? And I hate so vitriolically. And why? I forgot what I was going to say.

Why I meet no one. I am so so so paranoid of people. My social phobia is amazing. Astounding. It’s ridiculous.

I am never getting married.

It’s surprising I have a job. That’s because just I’m kind of cool with the system. Eh. Whatever.

And like, all friends I ever had are gone fucking wiped. I fucked them. I fucked them hard and they’re gone from my life because they don’t need me shitting on them anymore.

I don’t know what to do.

Nothing hits hard enough.

There’s no poignancy to anything anymore.

I guess the teens called it numb a like a decade ago. I guess I have that.

And maybe it is because of the opioids.


So I have to face the facts: I will be stuck like this for a while.

God my drug addiction doctor is such a pissant. She is good, but she is so sardonic about my misery. Like wah wah wah. Like wow, wah wah wah? That’s about as mature as my wah wah wah, to be honest. So fuck off bitch. And I have a brain disease so I think you may have some things to reevaluate.

Guh. Nothing matters.

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