Dad is playing a trance album I gave him on disc downstairs in the garage loudly, it’s annoying because I feel like I’ve directly funded terrorism. Lol.

Well anyway he’s an idiot. Baka baka baka.

I miss Nick. I don’t know. He was just, a good person to have around when things were not bad. But there was something to it I never saw. And I think neither of us could ever believe I would be so blind as to give up on our friendship. That is amazing.

Well, I won’t say any more on that topic.

Funds deposited in a trading account today, available for buying some ETFs or maybe individual stocks. And then I get to watch them race up and up and down and up and etc. every day for fun! Because watching your money work for you is fun. I still don’t understand the concept of economics at broad, investment and stock. I just don’t.

I wish hakumai from twitch streamed… no, she’s perfect. I love her. But she needs someone perfect just like her. If perfect = chronic nerve pain in hands. Well. That is what it means, isn’t it? Perfect is imperfect, and we are all it. So love.

What am I saying… I’m not even love drunk, or I guess yes that is the term, I am love drunk.

I’m programming this script for work and it is miraculous how dense my brain is. Why do these simple tasks require such difficult processing from me. I don’t get it. Wow.

I came here expecting to have things to say. I guess I really didn’t.


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