Welcome Back

You tell me it’s not enough. Well I’ve got some bad news for you: It’s the best I’ve got. So you’ve got to move on. Yes, you. No! you scream. YOU move on! No, this is my house, I say calmly. You are, in fact, the intruder, the parasite. This is the new norm. Welcome […]

Plans: PhD (2nd try!) in Mental Illness Neuroscience Molecular Diagnostics, and Associated Issues for Family for the Next Decade?

I have no IP privacy concerns because I have no IP yet about saying that I will be looking into joining a PhD lab or getting a PhD at a lab rather in molecular diagnostics or molecular imaging or neuroscience or something along those lines (hopefully something combining the three–of course half of the meat […]

Failed Flight

What do people go for? What do I go for? These questions, and their addition, don’t… quite… add… up. Now. Do they? Or will I whisp away? Like the Willie Wonka Wonderland tribute. In our own time, in our own town, we are… humble? At place? Maybe, more lost than in our real element? Depends. […]