Failed Flight

What do people go for?

What do I go for?

These questions, and their addition, don’t… quite… add… up.


Do they?

Or will I whisp away?

Like the Willie Wonka Wonderland tribute.

In our own time, in our own town, we are… humble? At place? Maybe, more lost than in our real element?

Depends. Who are you? In there or out there?

This is all very fancy, I do agree with you reader, and perhaps I am adamant about my horse shit, but be it all it is,

it will never disturb the truce I have with…

Never mind, no truces are in place.

I’m winding down the tunnel.


Lost, as it were.

What I meant.

Just trying to follow the wind.

The wind doesn’t always, well, it doesn’t always WORK now does it?


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