Plans: PhD (2nd try!) in Mental Illness Neuroscience Molecular Diagnostics, and Associated Issues for Family for the Next Decade?

I have no IP privacy concerns because I have no IP yet about saying that I will be looking into joining a PhD lab or getting a PhD at a lab rather in molecular diagnostics or molecular imaging or neuroscience or something along those lines (hopefully something combining the three–of course half of the meat if not more is what I bring to the table) in order to study ways of more accurately diagnosing mental illness. Right now it’s, my understanding, behavioral and question and answer based. Very inaccurate. I need to research this a bit more. But in any case, I want to solve my own brain disease riddles, while helping others too. I have skin in the game. It’s the superman problem, very selfish, but who gives a shit. I’m free to solve my own problems. It would be insane not to, actually. Durr.

So anyway. That’s the plan for the next decade.

If my mental illness itself and the medication allows me to live a productive life (or even a half productive life) and my mom can retire and move out with me and we figure out our budget and can stay financially stable as a family unit–mom, dad, I (brothers are auxiliary and seem to be independent at this point, though I do have to be backup or at some point possibly prime support for baby brother)–then we can move to wherever the research lab or academic environment (college, baby! no parties for me, though–or maybe I resist the booze this time? it would kill me tbh b/c of my meds, yep yep yep) where I would work toward my PhD. God, I want a fresh start on life. So dearly. I mean things, objectively, aren’t that bad. But a mental illness does kind of ruin everything.

Does kind of.

Resources are stable. America good place life life, water food shelter safety civility transport etc. etc. Good things here. Why I complain so much? Will answer later likely. Apologies to anyone insulted. (No one reads this blog…)

No one reads this blog…

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