I really don’t feel like dealing with all these abusive morons in my life. The external circle is not for me. Social sKILLS motherfucker. Well anyway. I feel… Like strangers laugh at me. And. It couldn’t be irreal, could it? There’s something I’m trying to say but I forgot what it was. Oh yeah! Even […]

I have no friends and people want to exert dominance over me, a free soul. This is humanity’s one goal. To ensnare me like a slave. Cunts. Fuck off. Cunts.

What is there to life: wilderness computer/video media music sports visual arts writing/reading that’s about it there’s nothing to existence life and civilization have invented nothing worthy of my time i am a god and this plane is beneath me

But really, guys, without talking about her or bringing her into the picture at all, we should feel sorry for my mother. That will improve her life.


My inner narrative these days is, everyone was angry at me, now they’re slowly starting to forgive me. Truth is, and the rational side of my brain sees this still, no one really thinks of me at all. =/ Life’s like that. People are mostly busy. I say busy, it doesn’t really mean what you […]