Fuck fuck fuck fuck did I burn this word out already? Really? Saying fuck doesn’t mean anything anymore? No more dopamine spike? I’m fucked by my brain pills. That’s what the fuck.

This here is the really meaningless part. This here is the stupid part. It’s me trying to be alive. Ha ha ha? I’m stupid get fucked. Yeah, I triying to clean my CPU. With iso and q tips. WIth instructions from the mobo manu. Yay. Nut it doesn’t mattress. I’m lost loser. I’m super loser. […]

My existence is so meaningless. I live for decaf. I have met tens of thousands of people in my life. None of them care about me. None of them check up on me. None of them talk to me. I have zero in my phonebook. Some are on my chat client. Talking to them would […]

Being at home is hard work. It’s harder than anything else I do in life. Being at home is being in prison. Torture. Fuck fuck fuck fuck garbager pissan piss fuck shit shit fuck shit. I hope you get it. It’s serious.

It’s not gonna be aesthetic folks. Sorry but I’m capable of ugly in case YOU DIDN’T KNOW! WOW! =D FUCKABLE. But yeah. I don’t even want to fuck my server up. I don’t even want to fuck anything up. In a good way, I mean. I don’t want to fuck things up for good.


Video games are stupid video games are trash video games are garbage. I have to explain. Otherwise some of you might get angry at me for hating on something you like. But really you have to understand the independence of all of this. What I say about your hobbies really has no factor on how […]

I have no excitement for video games books movies tv or anything at all except maybe sports playing them not watching but not basketball basketball has arbitrary stupid rules like don’t move freely tennis you can move freely but the lines dictate where you can hit the shot obviously or else what would it be […]

I realize that thinking that you hate me is a delusion. You don’t hate me. Right? So I can’t. But I can’t. I mean I can’t fix it Though I can’t fix it. My delusions are real neurons really wired how they’re wired. If I believe you hate me that strongly, I really believe it. […]


I am very good at being very bad. But not really. I just swear like a champ. I’m a master of stabbing where it hurts. Unless you’re a real foe. Then I can’t hurt you and we are evenly matched. I hurt my allies. Why do I do this?