Video games are stupid video games are trash video games are garbage.

I have to explain. Otherwise some of you might get angry at me for hating on something you like.

But really you have to understand the independence of all of this. What I say about your hobbies really has no factor on how much you enjoy them or the legitimacy of your partaking of them at all.

So don’t even bother with me. I’m a loser. I’m a total loser. For seriously.

But about games.

They don’t please me.

And I’m so alone.

And I want something fun in my life.

And I’m dead from the anitdopaminergic effect of my antipsychotic medication.

Fucking hell.



Now Latuda.

They reduce the dopamine in my synaptic clefts.

That means less reward neurotransmitter.

So no fun feelings in my brain. Yeah. And that is somehow part of the medication.


So I’m fucked. It’s like, good for me, but the side effect is it makes me feel dead.

No one talks about this.

It’s simple logic.

I’m a biologist I know what I’m talking about.


Everything is so fucked.

I had a pastry snack.

Dad bought them.

He buys lots of pastries.

But I’m going on longer!

No let’s not be happy about anything.

Short sentences.


Cuz my brain is dead from all the disease and medicine.


I give up.

I just want to sleep and wake up tomorrow.

Because cycling through the days is hopeful.

Even if the content of them is not so much.


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