I am so alone. My brothers don’t want to talk to me.

I have no family available for conversation.

I laughed with the parents this morning.

Dad is unapproachable. He is vile.

Mother needs to sleep for work. She doesn’t retire until like next year. =(

Middle will be polite but distant.

Baby said DO NOT TEXT HIM EVER AT ALL at all costs. He definitely wants me to not say a fucking word to him or else.

So that’s the family.

No distant relatives.

No cousins.

One cousin.

That’s it.

He doesn’t speak English.

Lives in Ukraine.

Sold his soul to make money for his family.

Used to make art.

Now has to work for real.

The man wins.

The man always wins.

The moral of the story.

We are all alone and nothing important ever happens.

Evil things only.

Life is meaningless.

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