There’s nowhere for me to go. I am in prison. Home is prison. Either I’m anxious like a demon here, or depressed at the lack of anything at all.

There is nothing, no reason to be alive.

I have to hope I have more work to do tomorrow. For money. To trade with my fellow homo sapiens for material possessions.

The only things I want are drugs. They are the only joy in life. And they are illegal and misunderstood. At best they damage the human mind long-term from addiction and overuse because who can use them responsibly. Who can do that. I guess some people can do that.

I don’t know if I can do that.

Well anyway. I’m not gonna rat our your local dealer. I’m not connected. Sorry, Sessions and cronies.

Let me know, by the way, in case any government representatives are listening, when LSD is legal. When the real fucking medicine that we’ve known all along that the government doesn’t want given to its own people for whatever fucked up reason right in front of our faces, when the real stuff, that opens the mind and lets you really see reality for what it is. Lets you see the possibilities. Unleashes creativity.

I can hear the asses laughing at me. The asses with paperwork and guns. Humanity’s pinaccle of achievement. Paperwork and guns. Government. Control.

So it will be. I see no change in the near future. Not in my lifetime. And if not in my lifetime who cares. Death is the ultimate eraser. The world may exist but you will never know. And so it doesn’t.

I sound so childish. I’m glad the voices are laughing like mad dogs at me.

How to express anger. Uhh, eugh, to put simpply, You? Rat’s ass. You. Rat’s ass. You are. Rat’s ass. Si? Comprendo?

Well anyway.

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