I missed a meeting at work. They’re not going to hire me because I’m a bad employee. I miss meetings and don’t work the full 8 hours. I’m lazy and unproductive. I am pretentious and expect it easy. I am elitist and expect easier than others. That’s what they think, anyway. I don’t expect it […]

I have no life. What is there to live for. What is there to do. Nothing entertains. I want to do drugs but those are illegal. It’s not worth the prison sentence. Fifty fucking years for an interrupted high? Jesus. Wow. The system is fucked. America, you’re a piece of dirt. I hope you know […]

I’m useless and unhappy. I meet with my psychiatrist in a week. I get to complain to him how unhappy I am then. I don’t know what his response will be. Maybe he’ll feed this bullshit to me, “It’s up to you to fill your life with meaning. i can’t do that for you. Pills […]

I had to lie to my therapist and tell him things are better. Then I had to lie to my mom that I put my therapist’s mind at ease so he wouldn’t call the cops on us. She wants to open the door to the cops but answer questions outside. I heard you don’t have […]

Talking is dangerous. No wrong. Guns are dangerous. Guns and politicians are dangerous. Talking is fun and carefree and just normal. Remember normal shit? Yeah. You batshit insaneo authoritarian fuckshits better figure it out. God damn it. You’re saying or what. I don’t know man. I’ll talk at you.

I had to lie to my therapist and tell him things are better so he doesn’t call the cops on me. But now you might call the cops on me. Damn. Society with police is worse off.

Twitch is the stupidest fucking source of media. The way we talk these days is stupid. Don’t “consume media’. Watch TV. It’s retarded. Sorry, retards. Yes, I still use your descriptor (I’m talking like that again, overly-politically-correct fack fack fack) as a pejorative. Fuck. Everything is so fucked I don’t know what to do. I’m […]

Life is so pointless. Life is so meaningless. I want to be safe. But authority threatens that. There is no lockian contract because I haven’t read locke. Therefore I don’t know therefore it doesn’t exist in my mind therefore it doesn’t exist in my universe. Or how do I discover it? Something so abstract as […]