I bought a piece of art from a twitch streamer who does art and it’s… pixelated.

Wow. What the fuck. Dumb bitch dumb bitch dumb bitch asssssssssssssssssss.


Oh! It’s giving me an opportunity to speak for once! Neat!

The powers that be don’t often like my existence, and they threaten to snuff me out often times, so it’s horrifying to be alive. I try to smear them as much as possible by being honest about how evil and slimy they are.

So anyway.

Soooo annnnnyway.



Not on drugs.



I want meaningful experiences asap. But they can’t be delivered or what’s meaningful to others isn’t meaningful to me. Wow what a sissy thing for me to say. How “nice”. Nice killed David Foster Wallace.


Yeah, right.


Mom’s napping for an hour, I’m taking a strike against my programming language. My coworkers, management, my company, everyone at my company, hates me. Fuck. I hate it. If only they weren’t so dehumanizing at me.

That’s not good English but you know what I mean?

They dehumanize me. Denigrate me. Violation of my UN human rights. The UN need only investigate. Ahh, what they’d find.

But I guess the UN is a bunch of sissies, or else, busy? What a great excuse. “Busy”. Wow.

I’m busy. I can’t be a good person right now, I’m busy.

Sorry folks.



I don’t have anything to say. But my brain is so clogged and I need to figure a way to purge. How do I do that?

Man I don’t know.

Being alive is the hardest thing I have ever done.

I have had so many near death experiences. I should not be alive.

Dying in a car doesn’t sound pleasant, by the way.

God. I’m so scared.



I give up. This is going nowhere. Sorry for wasting your time.

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