I missed a meeting at work. They’re not going to hire me because I’m a bad employee. I miss meetings and don’t work the full 8 hours. I’m lazy and unproductive. I am pretentious and expect it easy. I am elitist and expect easier than others.

That’s what they think, anyway.

I don’t expect it better than others. I expect it easy for everyone.

Man. I don’t care so much right now. But my brain is still anxious through the roof. The klonopin doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do. I want to sleep but then I have to wake up tomorrow to do work.

Fucked. Fucked on all grounds.

I hate when other people have authority over me.

But you have to understand that that’s a false delusion. No one has authority over you unless you let them. You are always equal. Or on top. Fight for your life.

Fight for your freedom.

The Man is alive and well. Fuck him.

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