Let’s Bullshit Through Thursday

I’ve decided, and I can tell this is the right decision, to bullshit through the day doing nothing productive about work for tasks at all because they don’t deserve my love and yes hard work is a form of love. They who force this mediocrity and inanity upon me, who violate my human rights and go uncaught because they are angels curing disease, so what, who fucking cares, corruption can be in the nicest of places. Right up the vag.

Ironic, given I work with vag disease.


There’s the cats out of the bag. Now you know.

I’m not a gyno.


I go far beyond that.

What I mean to say is:

My plan is to bullshit respond to any questions from my supervisor what are you doing how is progress for the script for the day, I’ll give generic, oh, fighting syntax errors, kind of struggling today, but making progress. Anything to get him off my ass.

Because really, this is too much pressure.

And I can’t imagine how the REALLY soft and kind ones even fare in this sort of environment.

It startles me to understand.

Or maybe no one’s really that bad off.

I mean, I am. So there’s always that possibility that others are.

But put your oxygen mask on first.

Unless you’re in love.

I have to admit, I sort of am.

No one can see that, though.

Because of the bullshit propaganda from my enemies smearing me.


But let’s end on a good note.

Besides assholes fucking me (impossible!). I don’t know. What beside?

Oh yeah. The conclusion.

So I can sense in my soul that bullshitting through this Thursday workday on 24 June 2021 is the right decision because deciding to do so makes me feel calmer. And I haven’t felt calmer in ever so long. So maybe I work too hard. Or worry too much. Something?

It’s hard to say.

The progress! There’s not enough!

I want to single-handedly stop global warming and be the hero of the Earth. You would be the most famous and celebrated human in all of human history, ever, forever, period. If you cured global warming? Absolutely you would be.

Let’s all of us get more folks engaged in this situation. That might be a fun time.

Okay so. I’ll just relax and bullshit defend myself against the onslaught of capitalism. And my supervisor and all that horseshit.

And I’ll try to relax.


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