There’s a load of evil shits out there somehow doing it with style garner more respect points from the dark side which is a skateboard move but ah evil’s form of respect is caving in and giving up. You know evil respects you when you beat it. But who cares! We’ve moved on! Terds and […]

I had like 5 coffees so I won’t be going to bed til like midnight cuz the caffeine does me for like 7 hours knowing me and my shitty fat-tabolism. I don’t play tennis anymore because that sport gave up on me. Thanks a lot fucking useless garbage sports are a capitalist propaganda tool to […]

My freedom of expression is much more important than your health. Sorry but you’re in the way. Oh man wow. Yeah they really are though. It’s okay most humans are in the way of most other humans. That’s called “civilization”. It’s the phenomenon of the species having a population and it mostly being antagonistic and […]

I mean it’s cool if you want to blame me just you won’t get anywhere with that because it’s you guys who are psychically harassing me so fucking christ get lives or something. You’re to blame. Yeah.

Life is trash. There’s no meaning to anything. I have no personal space because other people own me, psychically and in every sort of domineering way possible. Pricks. Fuck off die do whatever it is you do in your secret lairs. Super stupid. Idiotskies. Man. You lowlifes sure got me good ha ha. Wow. Voices […]

What I just said was excruciatingly conservative I have no freedom whatsoever and the republicans in the states are ganging up on me. Bomb america. Fuck you.

My mother is a useless piece of trash and my brother probably knows what I think of her and he’s going to show this to her and then they’re going to make me feel bad because I have a mental illness I guess. They just want to make me feel really really bad for going […]

Life is empty. There is nothing to do. There is nothing. I am empty. Life is empty. There is nothing. I don’t just roll over and die. But I am meaningless. My existence is meaningless. I don’t just die. But I don’t really do anything interesting or useful either. I guess I progress the science […]

Twitch is evil right now. The streamers will abuse you. Don’t recommend going on their to get your media fill. They deserve to go broke and starve. Honestly.

Well anyway, the internet is not a safe place. Everyone’s a psycho with the ability to hack into your mind and abuse you from the inside of your psyche out. I am a victim. This is life.