My mother is a useless piece of trash and my brother probably knows what I think of her and he’s going to show this to her and then they’re going to make me feel bad because I have a mental illness I guess. They just want to make me feel really really bad for going about my own business on my own time in my own space without harming anyone really more or less. I guess I leaked and that’s not secure and hackers hackers hackers but maybe it’s easier than it seems if you have some free time and are generally in good shape. I mean most people are not. There are more sick and destitute people on earth than well off to do first world ones. Go Findland woohoo.

The Earth is trash because people exist. I am so ashamed of my species. Assassinate Biden just for lulz. I mean he’s a cool dude but really his life means nothing to me. I have no sense of brotherhood or whatever this capitalist propaganda or is it government propaganda now? Nationalist pride, the subdibision, broverhood.

Mom woke up when I woke her up to complian I said out loud, not like hre wheree I really let it rtip, I said out loud, “I’m not doing well.”

And she said take a risperidone prn and i never go to the hospital why the fuck not i shoudl be in an inpatient ward because that’s more entertaining than normal life.

Nothing exists, there is no point to being, you are all shit.

Fuck off.

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