My freedom of expression is much more important than your health. Sorry but you’re in the way.

Oh man wow. Yeah they really are though.

It’s okay most humans are in the way of most other humans. That’s called “civilization”. It’s the phenomenon of the species having a population and it mostly being antagonistic and noncooperative these days.

Fuck I hate everything and I want to eat so bad but I have a psychological cold war going on courtesy of my brain against food so I can’t indulge in anything that tastes good or even anything that tastes bad and I’m so fat and that’s a problem I wouldn’t be so fat if I weren’t on these psych meds good thing i’m on these psych meds man my town has a lot of young this with loud cars revving on the main road what I wouldn’t do for a few more of them to crash into like trees n shit. Garbage humans. Humans are nothing.

You are all trash.

Go fuck a fucking electrical wire or something. Stick a knife into a high voltage carrier.

I hate you so much.

Wow this is violent. I’m not allowed to do anything.

Thank you repressive totalitarian good for nothing shits. Republicans should die. The conservative ideology is just like meh. Kind of dumb.

Like nuke what’s it nuke israel. Yeah nuke israel.

Okay and get back to me after that.

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