I had like 5 coffees so I won’t be going to bed til like midnight cuz the caffeine does me for like 7 hours knowing me and my shitty fat-tabolism. I don’t play tennis anymore because that sport gave up on me. Thanks a lot fucking useless garbage sports are a capitalist propaganda tool to control the masses too. That people like it only proves it. It’s like, wow, I don’t know, looking for an analogy in nature but I can’t think of one. I was thinking something about butterflies but that’s probably stupid and wrong. Most things are stupid and wrong. I am so hungry and I don’t know why. I’m on risperdal 3 mg but usually taking 1 mg PRN most days because it’s (existence) is such miserable shit someone stab my psychiatrist in the eyes by the way boy is that nigger a useless terd.

Also I’m on 80 mg latuda and I don’t like that medication either. Nothing works for me but we have to do it all in 4-6 week increments because that’s as fast as the biomedical engineers and doctors and all the other pretentious elitist retards churned out by the fabric of society could make the medication “work” (not). Fuck you go jump off a cliff you have no idea how faulty this all is. I used to believe. Things could be done.

It’s over. We’re done.


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