There’s a load of evil shits out there somehow doing it with style garner more respect points from the dark side which is a skateboard move but ah evil’s form of respect is caving in and giving up. You know evil respects you when you beat it. But who cares! We’ve moved on! Terds and whores.

This is society.

Is it more potent if I repeat it? Maybe you just want to smell your own shit next time you shit in the toilet. Just like before flushing shove your face into the toilet and take a good whiff of your own shit.

Doctors are used to this BUT THEY DON’T EXPLAIN IT TO THEIR PATIENTS which is why they don’t get my vote.

Unfortunately they get my money but hey corruption is a way of life, what can I say!

When that fucking anonymous survey rolls around man though F F F F 0/10 fuck you this guy deserves to have his head chopped off literally in the comments section things like that. Stupidest dumb fuck I’ve ever interacted with peon to the medical industrial complex just doing his day job what is this ADHD when did I get that undiagnosed on top of everything else.

I am so hungry and I want to sleep and I don’t even know. Why does my father live here?

Why do I live here?

I don’t get it. This is such an arbitrary town. California doesn’t even have anything interesting. Some people like the boring nature that it provides. Rocks, water, trees. I guess that is enticing but like movies about elves are way better except they’re not in person 3D I’ll give you that.

I’ll give you that.

God I hate everything.

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