Rule of thumb: If the party you are conversing with uses the word “trust”, they’re stupid retarded dumb just like negatory burn in hell worthy kind of fuck faces.

I have nothing to dooooo work is not funnnnnnn I want drugs to be legalllllll and also well researched obviously so it’s like you’re not gonna OD or anything I want safe and fun. I want some safe fun. I want to play tennis but i can’t also do that because of my schizoaffective disorder […]

I come here to chat because I have no one to chat with. That’s right; friendless and family-less (in effect). I have parents and brothers and a cousin but none of them like small talk like my humor like anything about me to be honest. We are just family. I forgot what I wanted to […]


They sure do know how to control the sick ones using the TV. Wow. What incredibly violent military technology. And I am one of its victims. Imagery of father committing suicide. Hoary. Yuck. He would never do that. But man, what people do. And what I am convincing people to do. I am so sorry […]