I am so worried. I am pacing back and forth in anxiety. I have to restrict my usage of my prescription clonazepam to no more than 3 tablets a week and I’ve been using closer to one a day for the last month or so so I may already have a mild addiction, I don’t know, my psychiatrist doesn’t fill me in on most things.

I love being accused of garbage by filth. It’s awesome.

At least I can control my fingers and this keyboard.

But I do not have the freedom to speak however I want. People’s lives are at stake. If I say the wrong thing someone could kill themself, or maybe a hostage situation will go wrong, or a sex slave owner will abuse their person more. And it’d be my fault.

What is this called? I’m not a criminologist don’t ask me.

Whatever. Dark Science was a good comic.

Ugh I want to be at home at home. I’ve been in this house for six years and it’s been fucking horrifying.


I don’t even know how it’s possible (message directed at parents) to make someone feel so uncomfortable in their own house. It’s incredible, what you two have accomplished.

Plus mom has hypertension so she could croak from a stroke (lol) any fucking moment and there goes my last shred of sanity.

Good. We’ve got a real good situation going on.

She doesn’t WANT to take her life-saving bloog p[ressure medjication. Not marijuana. Pills. From the doctor. She doiesn’t want to take them. Because she is anti-medicine. Fuck. Dumb stupid idiot. Well I guess good for her. Good logic. Very good logic.

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