It’s hard to find much culture these days. Rats rule the Earth in most places and there’s really no hope for the planet. They prefer it burn to a crisp cuz they’re under the delusion that they’re really rats. It’s just a saying, guys. You’ve the personality of one who would eat soiled pizza in the subway of NY but perhaps…

Well what can I say. The soft jazz plays and I fail to pay up. What is courtesy, common courtesy, on Twitch. How much you supposed to pay after all.

Mm. Mm.

I hope my money’s safe. I had this digital-only account where I want to buy a house from. But it’s, well, yeah. We’ll see. Losing that much, I don’t know, what would my dad say. I guess we’d… it’s FDIC insured but I still worry. Those are just words until something happens. I guess reading about it doesn’t hurt.

The internet is so unreliable. Seriously. What year is it? The golden years are over. Era of bloatware and hackers. Dun deal. No more quality service.

I suppose some countries take pride in their bandwidth though. Hmm. Yes.

I’m not a personality defect, I just don’t exercise enough and have nervous stitches. I suppose.


It seems like personality defects roam the land, though.

We never evolved from the barbarians eating each other. Burning huts down because of like stolen wives and all that. Stolen food.

Stolen baskets.


Life’s ugly. There’s no meaning to anything. I find no pleasure in anything. There’s no sophistication to anything. I miss the sophistication and love of things. That is long gone.

I guess.

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