They sure do know how to control the sick ones using the TV. Wow. What incredibly violent military technology.

And I am one of its victims.

Imagery of father committing suicide. Hoary. Yuck. He would never do that.

But man, what people do. And what I am convincing people to do. I am so sorry if I am ruining your mood. But feel free to leave (the web page, that is ha ha) whenever you want.

Some motherfuckers left a long time ago.

Motherfuckers I really liked.

The best ones never stick around, it seems.


There was Mara Eastern. She was amazing.

Then there was, what was his name, Happy Words for Sad Thoughts, something like that? Words for Ghosts? No. I’m mixing up blogs now. pretty words for ugly thoughts. Him. He was an awesome guy.

No one likes me. I’m not cool like them, I just try to be.

But them leaving WP was quite the blow to me. I really looked up to them.

I don’t know why my parents always try to interrupt me from different rooms. Is this a game to them? Are they demented already?

Fuck. Maybe I shouldn’t be here anymore. Just move out and let them to it. The grave. The grave cometh.


I guess I’d be in pain either way.

Being able to cook for yourself in your own kitchen sounds like a super awesome fucking luxury, though. Doing your own dishes efficiently, AFTER they’ve piled up all in one go, or whenever you feel like it to be honest.

Taking care of yourself and your house. No one takes care of this house. They own it, they don’t take care of it.

I mean that’s not entirely true. But that’s the police state talking with the gun to my head. yes I would rat em out. Sorry. What I meant to say is, the truth is, they DO NOT take care of this house. Wow they just shot me in the head with a gun in my imagination for saying that. That’s rather horrifying to anyone watching I bet.


I don’t get it but people who misbehave have a lot to answer to. It’s a matter of economics and just because someone’s good doesn’t mean they’ll be nice to you in the court room when they’re angry.


Watch out for the dumb clucks in space.

The dumb clicks in spac.e

The next move move move move exercise spaceship. Yeah we attracted the ex president. Oh boy who cares there’s like 50 of them. Big whoop.

Join the collection, Mr. Infamy.

Ugh I don’t care about what I’m talking about I’m just disturbed by my visions.

I need to do something.

There’s no escape.

Twitch is the only entertainment and it hacks into my brain and telepathically harasses and abuses me so it’s like, either, stoic depression, or psychotic entertainment.

This is my life.

Thank you, nature.

Thank you, nurture.

Good night NEW YORKL!

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