I won’t get what I want because I’m busy fighting the gods

And perhaps we should address this (are there really so many things to address, reader?):

That I will not always get what I want. I don’t have any followers who interact with me through comments. I don’t know if it ticks someone who reads through the wordpress website as a statistic, but my statistics are usually… very much of no one. Reading me. Reading my writing.

About me.

And about.


I guess.





I didn’t know what mental illness Britney Spears has. FuckFuckGo (the best anonymous search engine, DuckDuckGo sorry play on words there) doesn’t give a first-hit response. Another example of the internet being useless more or less.

Or I guess it’s just PR and fake. But it doesn’t make her money does it?

Wait. It’s confidential. I forgot. Ha ha ha. She’s human and she doesn’t want anyone to know. Wow that’s impressive. So then people call her a liar so they make some nice photos or I don’t really know.

Twirls of brown and blue. Such a strange mix of color on my Kindle holder that my brother got me for a birthday or holiday, I don’t remember which.

I want something amazing.

And perhaps we should realize that I probably won’t get what I want.

I won’t get anything amazing for some time to come.

Nature and reality punish me for being lazy.

I fight back.

I fight the gods.

The gods are evil.

I fight them.

All power is evil.

I fight it.

There you have it.

I’m your hero.


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