But, you know, I am grinding a really difficult lifestyle. And I think in the end it will be worth it. Then again, that is just another statement from a young person following their moral compass and making their own decisions. Who’s to say who is right.

I’m so fucking edgie, restless, AGITATED is a good word for it. Needles in my skin, not really, a little bit, but like gross discomfort all over my body for no reason. Father being an asshole around the house doesn’t make things better. What am I supposed to say…

I feel like, like, I am always so restless. If it’s the needles and discomfort in my skin in the morning, or the having to move around all the time during the day, or just not being able to settle my mind on one task. It’s misery, and I wish something could help me. I […]

I have, you have, family, relations, immaterial things, resources like air and housing. But as far as material possessions or additional things go, I’d say my… blog… is all I really have. It’s the only thing I enjoy going into and writing in, or doing something in. Doing whatever it is you do with a […]

Last night was horrifying. I had no sanctity to my own mind. People I knew or had known kept invading and demeaning me, dehumanizing me. My psychiatrist, I don’t know if he really knows how bad it is. I even woke up at 11 AM today (not comfortable sleeping! wahhH! I wanted cozy cozy) like […]

I’m sorry, no nudity allowed tonight, we are not alone. It is a public space, my room, tonight, where the ghosts of every evil motherfucker who hated me in my life ever visited me. Something something something. I wish everyone I have ever met were just dead. Now. Instantaneously. Everyone I’ve ever met is so […]

Respect is never valued, appreciated, favored, or repaid. It is a useless curse. Being respectful is the stupidest thing you could ever do to yourself. Do not respect anything or anyone. Ever.

I can’t sleep. Mom works at the hospital. She doesn’t have time to text with me. Dad was moaning in agony today. He’s asleep on the sofa. I had my typical 20 decafs today. I don’t like being alive and I live in a police state because I’m not allowed to think or express myself. […]