No one fucking gets it. I hate it. Your hobbies are shit. Your interests are stupid. Be a person with real qualities, not a fetishistic lust for a game or a craft. Crafts maybe. Games no. I don’t get it. No one shares their loves of anything with me anyway. So who cares. Fuck. FUCK. […]

Life is pointless and meaningless. The republican shits want to shut me down because I know the truth. That life is garbage and they want to drown the earth in oil and rising sea levels. global warming global warming global warming. Do yourself a favor and put a bullet through a republican politician’s brain when […]

Was that hate speech? Nuke africa. There problem solved. Hate speech. =D I’m done for now. I don’t know what I”m going to do but it will be a struggle, guaranteed. Lots of decaf and no relief. Ever.

Life is meaningless and the anger never subsides. There’s no joy in anything. Really. I’m not mentally ill. Society is just F- quality. Wah wah. We all lose. If you like something you’re a brainless tard because nothing is good quality and you’re either being lied to and believing it or just too stupid to […]

I’m refusing to even read my own posts anymore because there’s no point. And you know what? Fuck you and go die. Shit. Shit on the floor right now.

I refuse to use facebook because it’s slime. For that I’m punished with isolation and ostracism. The punishment, very real, for anyone who refuses to use facebook, is ostracism. This is all legalized by the way. America is shitty and corrupt. Fuck I hate everyting. I’m so tempted to say fuck you to the reader […]

I have nothing to do. I don’t feel good. I did 20 push ups today. that’s my exercise. Life is meaningless and my health insurance hasn’t helped as much as my drug addictions have. Well isn’t that neat. And sports are hard because how do you find anyone who isn’t a smacktard to play with? […]

Fuck, some of the neighbors diagonally across the courtyard in the house there from me, distance a few twenty thirty feet from my window into their room, they are FBI agents. They deserve to be shot in the head. Fuck America. Fuck the armed services and everyone who gets in a Republican hissy fit when […]

Life is so fucking meaningless and no one fucking gets it. Everything is shit! You all slime at the shopping center where I got ice cream with my brother and mom, the strangers in my life, civilization, filth, go die. Fuck yourselves. Life is shit and strangers are slime for being superior to me. Because […]