I want to whine to my brother but he would hate me if I did that. I have to be realistic.

But being realistic is the last thing I want to do, deep down inside. Deep down inside, I want to get lost in fantasy.

I want to live in an imaginary world. Of dreams.

Fuck a duck I don’t even know how to sign out anymore.

I’m so useless.

I was a much more worthful quality human meat thing in school where I wrote essays and learned researchy science-o.

Now I wake up and watch twitch.

Sometimes I have work and I don’t complain about my pay.


I’m fucked.

No one to talk to no one to talk to no one to talk to so alone so alone so alone….


I think someone offered to talk to me before.

What happened to that?

I didn’t feel like talking to them.



I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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