I refuse to use facebook because it’s slime.

For that I’m punished with isolation and ostracism.

The punishment, very real, for anyone who refuses to use facebook, is ostracism.

This is all legalized by the way.

America is shitty and corrupt.

Fuck I hate everyting.

I’m so tempted to say fuck you to the reader also but the reader might be an innocent virgin.

Wowowow who cares.

But I might get punished even more, (psychically), by the government, or capitalism, for saying fuck you to the reader.

I want my therapist to read my blog to have a better understanding of what he’s dealing with but them he’d call the cops or the ambulance on me.

Fucking retard. Therapy is shit and useless.

Nick was an asshole. He didn’t get it. Anger is the only way. He was a pussy. Fag.

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