Taking care of the folks

I feel as if it is going to fall upon me to “take care of” the parents as they grow elderly.

That means keeping them company, making sure they don’t do anything too stupid (financially or otherwise (dad I’m looking at you–those four cars were quite enough)), and stay healthy by exercising and taking their fucking MEDICATIONS (mother is anti-modern medicine so I have to throw some science at her at some point, been too tired to figure out how to do that, she’s a stubborn one), exercise = walks, light weights, dad = likes to cycle indoor or outdoor, not nearly enough but anything is better than nothing (I SHOULD be playing tennis with him but what do I look like, a masochist? a Christ figure? not at all).

Um yeah. What was I saying?

So I have to make sure the parents are in good shape, their bodies and souls.

Mom’s emotions, too. And dad’s loneliness that he doesn’t show but I know is there, and his anger. All these things need to be kept in check.

All this with my SZA disorder, and how in hell is this gonna get done?

MOM for chrissake is on FMLA to take care of ME. We reciprocate. But I guess it’s possible. Miraculous, but so.

So yeah, that’s all I had to say.

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