I see. So I’m sort of at the boundary as it were of freedom of speech. Interesting. Well we don’t have to do it the violent way. I’m sure there’s much better. I just can’t think of what it would be.

I don’t know what to do I’m supposed to output. It’s useless. I give up. I’m fucked. You’re fucked. It’s over. We quit.

This is dirt. I am dirt. Doesn’t want perfect women. Perfect quote endquote. Plays like one instrument and is kind of nice looking. Perfect. Snorts the coke.

I can’t do anything. My anxiety my anxiety. Fuck you fuck you. God shit fuck. I don’t know what to do. Fuck fuck everyone spies on me. No peace no privacy no quiet ever always something ruins the moment. I have no life and never will. I am on Earth to suffer until I die. […]

There’s no point in writing this down because there’s no point in anything, BUT, I just realized I have a panic disorder. It’s not that bad, but I can’t I ca’t I ca’t sit still when it gets quiet I panic and I can’t I just can’t and I run away and pace and fuck […]


PLEASE YES keep the cops, keep the FBI. Keep all law enforcement to keep me safe to keep the wackos from hunting me down and assassinating me for being an outspoken voice because law and order is law and order and can help with peace and if we all just get along but we won’t […]