There is literally nothing to do and the crushing void of it all begins to destroy me within minutes of waking up from my nap. Life is so meaningless. It’s amazing how effectively destructive to its onw citizens people have made their culture and civilization. Wow. … I think I’ve realized it, what I want […]

I guess I have to figure this out in writing for starters. If I can’t find the energy to do that, there’s little chance I’ll find the chance the do much of anything else. Writing exhausts me. Any activity exhausts me. Work this morning was the most engagement I’ve felt in a while. Work is […]

I’m tired but I don’t want to talk to my therapist he probably sent me a message but definitely of all my doctors one of them sent me a message just one because that’s how the notification system works I get an email. I don’t want the demons to tell me what to do. They […]

None of this matters. It’s 9:56 AM and it’s already done. Over. I remember Pretty Words for Ugly Thoughts complaining about setting down to write a short story and hammering out… a few words after a few hours. I know what that’s like now. Sitting there, dead. I can’t go where they’ll scold me. The […]