the other consequence of e=mc^2 is that a fly only needs a few calories of energy to be a bitch flying around the room all fucking day

who’s paranoid today, cunt fagasses. who’s paranoid today. i am just having a good life. don’t mind me. your revolting psychic bolts in my mind don’t bother me one bit. i deal with your garbage like an eloquent lady.

all these preachers are like be educated set a good example or they will hurt us nah youre a cunt fagass you are go shove off a bridge wee laddy

blogging is entertaining but only if i’m allowed to blog which so far i’m not because of the extremist white nationalist shitshow fuckhead terrorist fuckyouintheass killyourself cunt fagass nigger duyympster shithole fukchead terrorist republican garbage white trash that suppresses my freedom of speech. Its opposite nazis don’t support freedom of speech they quench it.

Now because the republicans are fat abusive murderous shits mooching on society and murdering liberals and torturing liberals with needles in the spine for example for expressing liberal freedom of speech, they may send cops to my doorstep and then Iw ill have to lie that no this blog is not me and i will […]

“Kill” is aloose word you know and could mean many things among them “shut down” and “make quieter” so not literally stop the breathing life of. Though that is good too\, when repubvlicans (my new mortal enemty) ar einvolved.

For expressing my freedom of speech, for publishin gthat blog post that liberal blog post, the republican extremist terrorists shoved a needle into my spine and it hurt like a motherfucker. This happens all the time and I am helpless. So kill more republicans.