I need new wp friends. Everyone else hated me in my delusions.

I am feeling the prison of reality binding around me tightly. It doesn’t feel good.

I had two coffees this morning and watched some CohhCarnage play FFXIV. It’s just an MMO. All MMOs are trash because none of them have unique gameplay mechanics or anything interesting in the remotest sense of the word.

I need to learn to read books again. That’s the shit. Books are the shit.

Where’s the content? What’s the life about? Is life about content? Is content that which fills up your life? This shit that social media panders–content–is that what life is about? And can you do it on your own, by like going on hikes to parties, reading books, and spending time in the garden with your family? Really? Have I unlocked the secret to existence?

But first steps first: New WP friends.

Time for some strategery stalking.

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