This System Shines Sometimes

This is shit. There’s no point in talking. Fuck you.

There’s like two things on computers. You’d think computers, this fancy technology all the craze n such, would come factory preloaded with all this awesome software–that word is superior to “app” by the way, fuck your mom–but they mostly just come with two (boring) things: a text editor, and an internet browser. Hooray.

The internet is mostly for researching information archives. Anyone who uses it for entertainment is kind of a freak.

And text editors are for one thing: Workkkkk. So why they would install a workplace app on your PC (that stands for PERSONAL COMPUTER by the way, in case you retards didn’t know) is beyond me. Some form of orgiastic retardation-torture.

Well that’s technology for you. Humans at their finest.

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