Beginnning, after long struggle, to understand the meaning of life

This is critically important:

If you’ve suffered as much as me you, once you get out of it, begin to understand the meaning of life.

And it’s critically important that I explain it to you.

Only, I don’t know that I will be able to do so easily in just one or two posts. So! We’ll play it by ear and try our hand at what we can! =)


So it’s sort of, about the in-between, but also about the focus. The focal points, but also about what’s in between the focal points.

This is the abstract version.

Activities, loving relationships, or if you are focus-oriented without any relationships, in-the-moment existence (adrenaline). Doing things, but if you don’t, then just being. Or if you don’t be, then… I don’t know. Haven’t analyzed it that much yet.

It’s fairly interesting that I am actually starting to understand the meaning.

I need to follow through on publishing issue 3 of the lit mag. That’ll be end of July. Easy peezy.

I love you all. I love my freedom of speech and I love you.

Thank you.


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