ic what the problem is writers aren’t being paid for their labor the economy is corrupt we have to petition biden to get writers paid for their laboir so i will, naturally, as a man of action, work on this immediately, or, at leats, eventiyualy.. yeyeyeyeyyeye

Well thank you. I know you won’t read tis, but turns out it wasn’t a threat after all. Except for the psychic harassment part.

A dog in the neighborhood barked. It crushed my motivation. I don’t have schizophreniea. IO have depressive schizoaffectivew diusoreder. So that should make more sense.

But guys I’m trying to explain: The problem is I can’t listen to music right now because my father is here in spirit. That is a combination of the abuse of my dad wghen i was a child and the marijuana gangsters at UC DAvis who psychically harassed me when I was in my 20s […]

Meqans this pressure from my father who abused me on the tennis court not allowed to dance to music not allowed to listen to music not allowed to have any fun he is here right now sticking a hot iron rod down my throat to make me a better tennis player.

Cheese is illegal in my district right now. What this means (I can explain): My dad abused me on the tennis court. So I’m not allowed to have fun or socialize. Read david foster wallace; coincidentally, it explains a lot about tennis players who were abused by their parents or the sport in general. David […]

Also we should comment that some folk simply do not respond well to having their reality turned upside down. These are the people who tripped poorly on LSD and made it illegal. So like, gun them down, and replace them with good people. And make LSD legal. = Utopia.