sedate then immolate

I don’t think my life is very normal.

I live with my mother and father.

I’m 32.

I have two brothers but they moved out.

Only recently.

I was diagnosed with depressive schizoaffective disorder 8 years ago and my therapist agrees still that is correct.

I don’t do anything most of the time.

All I want is drugs, including alcohol.

I’m not illegally using anything illegal.

So by consequence, my life is miserable, but legal.

” My life is legal “

Consider that phrase.

Yes, the drug was is still alive and raging well.

Enjoy your lack of mind-altering entertainment.

Mood enhancers

Visual stimulants

And everything under the sun

Because some pussies can’t handle it

And they’re probably Republican

And they like to fuck over the people who can

Too bad

Too bad

Drugs are good

Drugs are the only good thing

Humans are shit

We should just start genociding all humans

Not based on racism or anythingism

Just all humans

Start anywhere

Reignite the bunsen burners from the nazi camps

showers were a bit cruel but

sedate then immolate

as i always say

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