Hello. To whoever monitors me at wordpress, I apologize, and I promise I am not dangerous or violent. I have no intent of harming anyone, and they are only ever words. I will tone it down. varjak


I’m not that sorry. You started it. But I am really scared. Horrified. Petrified. I feel them stalking me. The others. The authorities. My peers. People. Strangers. I sense them following me in their own space. They there where they are, wherever they are, are on me and I am under them and I am […]

I don’t know. It’s morning now. Am I supposed to be doing something? Even for my own entertainment? Nothing is entertaining. It’s Sunday. I sent a message to my interim psychiatrist (I am an annoying pestersprite) telling him I had a beer. Then I had 9 more. Last night. On heavy psychiatric meds. I think […]