I don’t know. It’s morning now. Am I supposed to be doing something? Even for my own entertainment? Nothing is entertaining. It’s Sunday. I sent a message to my interim psychiatrist (I am an annoying pestersprite) telling him I had a beer. Then I had 9 more. Last night. On heavy psychiatric meds.

I think the antipsychotic started working worse when I got drunker.

I don’t want to

That’s all


I don’t want to

And therefore Nothing

This house, I don’t belong here

I need to move to Boston

Go back to grad school

Struggle to graduate with my schizoaffective disorder

It comes out of the blue doesn’t it

When someone’s delusion shows up and it just floors you

Wow I dind’t know they were crayz

That sort of surprise

The neighbor buff guy has a lot of girlfriends

mom almost ran into him this morning with a car i guess into his car

she was almost into a car crash is the point

i want to read

be a part of imaginary worlds

jump into alterenate realities

i’m stuck here

my brain is narrow minded

i’ll go look at some porn and twich


where they psychically harass me

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